I, LapSiLap, is mostly known as one of the fastest players in the world.
I started playing Tetris when I was 7 or 8 and have been playing different kind of tetris games since then.

Here’s a summary of my Tetris history:

Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss
Played with family when I was a kid

TetriNET, TetriFast
Played with mIRC friends

Finally a Tetris client with a dedicated server to play on and to talk to other people.
One of the fastest players.
Lost the tournament against Drakkie (who then lost against Blink in the finals).
Beat Drakkie in the next tournament but unfortunately the game got shut down for some reasons and the tournament was never finished.

Super fun tetris with gravity.
Small community but the game was fun enough to keep me busy for several years.

Tetris Friends
First modern Tetris game I played.
First to sub 30 in 40L there.
Had to (rage) quit because of the extremely laggy client
Cultris 2 (currently playing)

Played for sprint (40L) only and succeeded in claiming the world record which lasted about a year before it was beaten

Cultris 2
Known as SlickaLei, ranked #1 at the time of writing.
C2 Ranking
The game depends on luck more than most Tetris games due to the absence of Hold and Multiple block preview.
Worst Tetris community, and lacks skilled players.
Have tried to go back to Tetris Friends a couple of times but the lag is too much to handle.

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