More time in Spain

Stayed another 2 days before I left Madrid. The first day I got totally scammed and just thinking about it makes me angry, so I will not write about it, but lesson learned! The second day I finally had time to visit the city center of Madrid. It was quite nice but still surprised how they don’t speak English even there.

After Madrid, the destination was Alicante. Beautiful place, but I couldn’t handle the heat and wanted to book a ticket home only after a few hours. However, later at night it was so chill and I started to like the place. It reminds me of Thailand a bit, maybe more clean, but it doesn’t really matter how good it is, as long as the people don’t learn English it’s a pretty bad place to visit as a tourist.

Memory photos:


The road outside my hotel, Daniya Hotel.


A small beach near the hotel




Funny thing when I was heading back to the hotel a few hours ago. I was looking for a taxi and saw a pretty girl standing next to the wait for taxi mark. Although I came later than her I was standing in the middle and she at the end so I would have got the taxi first. She stared at me a bit since she came there first so it felt kind of awkward so I decided to walk the opposite direction to catch a taxi without her seeing it. There really weren’t many taxis at 1 o’clock but it finally came. The taxi then drove by the girl and I looked at her and laughed. She noticed it and laughed back. If only my brain was fast enough I would have stopped the taxi and let her take it, or why not take it together?

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