Vacation time, first day in Madrid with Grilled Baby Squids… or?

Vacation time, this time in Madrid!

Arrived around 23 at the hotel today, a 4 star hotel located about 20 minutes from the city. Despite being a 4 star hotel, it totally sucks (but cheap:)! Anyway, went out to the nearby restaurant and saw a car reversed into another car, nice first impression of Madrid eh? In the restaurant the staff didn’t speak English, and I got a Spanish menu, making me even more sad. Fortunately, a few minutes later, an english speaking waiter gave me an English menu and saved my day. I ordered beer + the so called “Grilled Baby Squids”, and this I what I got.

Grilled baby squids

The taste was awful and I almost only ate the bread. Asked for the bill and got a WRONG bill. Should have cost ~12 euros but instead I saw 6 euros. Normally I would have told them it’s wrong but since the food was so bad I decided to ignore it, but I took a picture of it first so I can laugh later.

Back at the hotel I told my friend this story and I was joking I got worms instead of baby squids. Then a bit later, my friends was like “maybe you DID get worms!?”. Then I remembered that when I pointed at the menu and said Grilled Baby Squids, the waiter was a bit hesitant. So maybe I DID get wrong food and thats why it was so cheap!? Was it worms? Luckily I have a picture of the bill so I could look it up on:


Baby eels FTW!!! Not worms!!! This **** waiter obviously doesn’t understand his own English menu and just counted from the bottom so I got the dish right after the one I ordered.

Still feeling the taste of it, so disappointed, but to be continued!

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