Very long time ago, there was a very good song and touching video called Because I’m a girl, by Kiss. It is probably the first kpop song I listened to but didn’t listen to more after that.

In 2012 I got into kpop again, not because of the Gangnam Style.
This is the song that got me, T-ara – Day By Day. Really like the rap and the melody.

There’s another song in the MV called Don’t Leave, also very good and the MV is very touching and sad.

I started to listen to more of T-ara’s songs, here’s another I couldn’t stop listening to, Time To Love (TTL):

More songs by T-ara worth mentioning:
Good person – their first ballad song
We were in love – another good ballad with Davichi
Time to love 2 – like TTL 1
Sexy Love, Roly Poly, Lovey dovey are some faster songs iwth funny dances.

Started to listen to more songs of the female groups and found out that there are actually lots of good kpop songs. Some of them that seem very childish at first can actually be really good after listening a few times for example Apink’s My My and Hush.

More songs I like now (sry too lazy to make YouTube links):
4Minute – Heart To Heart, Volume up
Ailee – Love Note
Dara – Kiss
Davichi – Happy End
Dream High – Love High
Hyuna – Bubble Pop! :)
Secret – Talk That, Madonna
SeeYa – T-Gana, I Still Like You, I Must Be Crazy
SNSD – Library
SISTAR – So Cool, Alone,
YangPa + Davichi – Love is all the same

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