Color Monsters

iconxColor Monsters is my second Android game. I started to develop it in 2010 or 2011 for fun and didn’t bother to finish it until the end of 2012. The game uses cute smileys a friend has created. These smileys can fall down in 5 different columns and the player has to set up the path and lead them to the correct column.

color monstersThe hardest thing was to balance the game. If it’s too easy, then it will be really boring for those who are good, and if it’s too hard, no one will ever learn. I ended up making it pretty easy the first levels, but most people still say it’s too hard and don’t understand how to play :)

Was bored today and decided to change the scoring system of the game and released a new version in Google Play. The bonus where the score is doubled when the maximum number of lives is exceeded is removed because it’s too op, instead there’s no limit on the number of lives now.

Here’s a clip of me playing it and a link to the game, it’s fast forwarded so don’t be scared.

Download Link

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