OBE Easy – Finally an app that makes money?

In November 2014 I found a pretty unknown astral projection technique on YouTube. It works as follows:

    You set an alarm and let it wake you up when you are asleep
    When you wake up, set a new alarm 9 minutes later
    When you wake up again, set another alarm 16 minutes later
    When you wake up again, set another alarm 20 minutes later

By doing this you will eventually wake up without really awakening your body in order to enter the vibrational state to induce and out of body experience.

I immediately thought, why not make an app for it? It was already night but I was excited so I spent about 2 hours and created an app for it. I then started the app and went to bed. Surprisingly, it worked! Not that the app worked, well it did work, but I did also have an out of body experience thanks to it. Believe it or not, I used it and had an out of body experience the following night as well.

The app was later also published in Google Play at the price of 1 USD. Not really to make any money, because it’s so hard to make any money developing apps. I just wanted to have something that would make me continue developing the app.

Since I don’t make any money on my apps, I rarely check my Android Developer Console, but when I recently checked it, I saw that I have 70 USD there because of this app. This is also the reason I write this blog post. Maybe more people will find the app and then I will finally make money on my apps? I also just released a new version of it with some more instructions on how the app works, just to be nice to the 70 USD.

Of course there should be a link to the app in Google Play:

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