Scammed by Korean Cult?

Haha, laughing coz this happened me too just few days ago XD. Why didn’t I see this video earlier? I also saw 2 students who wanted to bring me somewhere to do some ceremony, and since I didn’t have anything to do, I followed them to Seongsu.

There were pretty many people in the building, and in the room I went into there were quite some foreigners too. And yes I also got those super personal questions like my exact address and birthday and also date of birth and names of my family which was really uncomfortable, so I made up some lies of course.

I also got the food and fruits, which I was “forced” to eat, and then they asked me to donate :( I knew that donate = scammed… but then I still got nice and donated 20 000 won because they were pretty friendly, and for the food :( yes that’s why they force people to eat the food). They tried to convince me to donate more, like another 10 000 because X kg
rice costs 30 000 won bla bla bla and that the rice is for my ancestors and stuff like, which didn’t work even thought they said many things earlier to get me emotional. I just said I didn’t want to donate that much and they stopped.. but then few minutes later I voluntarily donated 10 000 more to be nice.

The whole ceremony thing ended with them saying I can’t tell this for anyone the upcoming 100 days and that she wanted to talk to me again (they got my Kakao) few days later, which is today, and they promised that there won’t be any more donations. I wanted to check how they are going to scam me again but then I was too tired today to meet them.

Thinking about it, I don’t know if they really are scammers.. because doing this much for like 20 000 won? Is it really worth it? I wouldn’t have donated if they seemed like scammers, they seemed quite honest, maybe just brainwashed.

Leaving South Korea tomorrow, but gonna stay in contact with the girl and see what happens .. if she will still talk to me, or just ignore. It will show if they are scammers.

Only good thing with this experience is that it only took like 1hr 20 min and NOT 4 hours like this girl’s experience.

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